Academic Activities

The Law School of Shantou University has been inviting law experts both at home and from abroad to give lectures on the most intensively-debated, professional and forefront topics in legal education and study with the purposes of enriching students’ knowledge, of enabling our students to keep in pace with the times, and to witness the vibrancy in the world. It also enhances the communication between our faculty and the addressers and serves as a platform for sharing ideas as well as for profiting from the wisdom of various academic schools. Since 2002, around 114 academic lectures have been given by scholars at home and from the US, the UK, Japan, Korea, Thailand, and HK.
The Law School of Shantou University also sponsors and participates Conference held both at home and abroad with the purposes of fostering our students and faculty’s interests in legal study and research, and providing opportunities for them to learn from and to exchange ideas with the leading scholars. Up until now, the Law School has sponsored a number of Conference such as China Legal Education, History of Western Law Thoughts Annual Conference and Natural Law Theory, International Conference on Radbruch, Joint Conference of the Top 100 Law School Deans of China and Australia, Judicial System of Japan and College Legal Education Reform, and the Conference on Law and Religion.
(1).  The Pacific Journal
(2).  The Shantou University Law Review
(3).  Faculty Publications
Conflict and Compromise: the Reality and Practicality of the Matrimony Law
Hot Issues in International Law Today
New Issues in Criminal Justice
Freedom of Communication During the Internet Age
(4).  The Local Government Research Series
Study on Local Government Models under the Framework of Constitutionalism in China
On the Development of Metropolises and University
A Study on Local Public Policies: a Model Based on Political Science