1 Participation in International Competitions

Our law students have always been active in all kinds of internationally renowned contests and competitions. Just last year, the School retained several mediators from Hong Kong to conduct on-site mediation training and mediator certification. Furthermore, over the past year the Law School partook in several highly reputed competitions on the international scale, including the ICC Commercial Arbitration Competition and the Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition. 

2 Extracurricular and Off-campus Internship and Externship Programs
Since 2004, the Law School has arranged for internship programs for outstanding students, allowing students to serve as summer interns at law firms across Hong Kong and Beijing. In addition, the School owns a Moot Courtroom that provides our students with the opportunity to savor real court proceedings, while, starting 2007, offering unprecedented courses such as Model United Nations, Courtroom Trial Advocacy Skills, ICJ Dispute Resolution Moot, WTO Dispute Resolution Moot and so forth with a view to diversifying our curriculum.
3 “Challenge Cup” Competition
 “Challenge Cup” Competition has been likened to the “Olympic Games” for China’s college students’ natural science and social science works, and the Shantou University Law School has had many students winning prizes in both the provincial rounds and the national rounds of the “Challenge Cup” over the years.
4 The Legal Culture Festival
The Law School has been organizing all sorts of events over the years on a regular basis, such as Publicized Moot courts, feature film viewings, basic legal knowledge contests, on-campus real-life court proceedings and so forth, which in turn not only helps our students to apply what they have learned in class to real-life situations, but also makes their campus life all the more enjoyable.
5 Career Developments
Under the law School, there is the Career Development Centre, which serves the student body through its implementation of several employment service programs, where job-hunting skills and other job-related skills are conveyed to students for the purpose of better career planning for them.
6 Social Service Activities
Our law students have always been keen on pro bono social activities, such as legal counseling services, orphanage visits, the so-called “Daybreak Engineering Project” pro bono tutoring program; in addition, in collaboration with the Municipal Judicial Bureau of the City of Shantou, the Law School established the Legal Aid Research Centre, and also in collaboration with the Longhu District of the City of Shantou, the Law School co-founded the “Juvenile Crime and Delinquency Study Workshop”, which all in all provides our students with the opportunity to serve and reciprocate our society with immense passion.