Courses for Undergraduate Law Degree in STU Law School
1、Compulsory Courses:
LAW1010 Jurisprudence (3 credits)
LAW1020 Constitutional Law (3 credits)
LAW1030 Introduction to Civil Law (4 credits)
LAW1040 Introduction to Criminal Law (4 credits)
LAW1090 Chinese Legal History (2 credits)
2、Core Professional Courses:
LAW1070 Criminal procedure Law (3 credits)
LAW1080 Professional Legal Writing  ip procedure (2 credits)
LAW1140 General Theory of Economic law (3 credits)
LAW2010 Property Law (3 credits)
LAW2020 Law of Obligations in Contract and Tort (3 credits)
LAW2030 General Introduction to Commercial Law (3 credits)
LAW2040 Family and Inheritance Law (3 credits)
LAW2060 Criminal Law (Specialized) (3 credits)
LAW2070 Labor Law (3 credits)
LAW2080 Administrative Law (3credits)
LAW2090 Administrative Procedure Law (2 credits)
LAW2100 Public International Law (3 credits)
LAW2110 Private International Law (3 credits)
LAW2120 Intellectual Property Law (3 credits)
LAW2130 International Economic Law (3 credits)
LAW2160 Civil Procedure Law (3 credits)
3、Courses for Special Directions:
(1)  Direction of International Law
LAW3140 The International Law of the Sea (1 credits)
LAW3150 International Trade Law  (2 credits)
LAW3160 Law of International Investment (2 credits)
LAW3170 Maritime Law (2credits)
LAW2140 Legal English (2 credits)
LAW3838 World Trade Organization Law(2 credits)
(2)  Direction of Alternative Dispute Resolution
LAW3811 Theory and Practice of Arbitration (2 credits)
LAW3812 Theory and Practice of International Mediation (2 credits)
LAW3813 Theory and Skills of Negotiation (2 credits)
LAW3814 Case Study in WTO Dispute Arbitration(2 credits)
LAW3815 Theory and Skills of Advocacy(2 credits)
(3)  Direction of Legal Profession and Litigation
LAW2050 Evidence Law (2 credits)
LAW3090 Contract Law (2 credits)
LAW3100 Company law (3 credits)
LAW3110 Security Law (2 credits)
LAW3120 Tax Law (2 credits)
LAW3070 Real Property Law (2 credits)
LAW3842 Guidance of Legal profession and Practice in Model Court (2 credits)
LAW3580 Law of Lawyer (2 credits)
(4)  Direction of Anglo-American Law
LAW3816 Comparative Study in Anglo-American Legal System (2credits)
LAW3817 Anglo – American Administrative Law (2credits)
LAW3280 Anglo-American Contract Law (2credits)
LAW3290 Anglo-American Tort Law (2credits)
LAW3819 Anglo-American Property Law(2credits)
LAW3839 Anglo–American Legal Thought (2credits)
LAW3854 Anglo-American Intellectual Property Law (2credits)
4、Selected Courses
LAW3020 Law of Anti-Dumping (1 credits)
LAW3030 Consumer protection law  (1 credits)
LAW3040 Environmental law (2credits)
LAW3050 International environmental law (1 credits)
LAW3060 Remedy system of environmental torts (1 credits)
LAW3080 Law of Social Security (1credits)
LAW3180 International Civil-Commercial Procedure Law (2 credits)
LAW3190 Law of International Technology Transference (1 credits)
LAW3210 Legal-history of the World (2 credits)
LAW3220 History of Chinese Legal Thoughts (2 credits)
LAW3230 History of Western Legal Thoughts (2 credits)                  
LAW3240 Comparative Legal Culture (2 credits)
LAW3270 Legislative Science (2 credits)
LAW3390 Prison Law (1 credits)
LAW3430 Guidance of Legal Advisory Service (1 credits)
LAW3450 Guidance of Local Community Legal Service (1 credits)
LAW3480 Mass Media Law (2 credits)
LAW3490 Review in Chinese Constitutional Problems (1 credits)
LAW3500 Movie and TV Transmit and Legal Culture (2 credits)
LAW3530 Marriage System (1 credits)
LAW3570 Introduction to Classical Legal Works in the World (2 credits)
LAW3630 Arbitration Law (2 credits)
LAW3650 Criminology (2 credits)
LAW3760 Case Study in Administrative Law (2 credits)
LAW3820 Oversea Standard Contracts (2 credits)              
LAW3823 Case Study in Ancient Chinese Mediation  ( 1credits)
LAW3827 Settlement of Labor Dispute (2 credits)
LAW3829 Constitutions in Asian Countries (1 credits)
LAW3832 Law of Local Government and Municipality(2 credits)
LAW3840 Traditional Chinese Legal Culture (2 credits)
LAW3843 Law of Anti- monopolization (2 credits)
LAW3845 Comparative Study of Contemporary  Western Legal Thoughts (2 credits)
LAW3846 Tort law (2 credits)
LAW3852 Law of War (1 credits)