HK Summer Internship

HK Summer Internship During the summers of 2004,2005 and 2006,thirty-two excellent seniors of the College of Law, under the sponsorship of the Li Kashing Foundation and the Huaqi Incorporation of Hongkong, had respectively been chosen for a three-week practice in Hongkong. The students were deliberately assigned to practice at the lawyers’offices of Hu-Guang Liluo, Gao Luyun, Wansheng International, Johnson Stokes & Masters, He Yaodi and of Gao Weikun. The students had enlarged their scope of vision and knowledge. In the close contacts with the famous lawyers, they had not only learned a great deal from them :their strong sense of career, their attitude in dealing with their work, their courage and audacity, their strong will and spirit of co-operation, which are required of lawyers, but they had also experienced the humanitarian atmosphere of Hongkong society and witnessed the legal system and legal construction of Hongkong.

During their practice, they had visited such institutions as the Hongkong Lawyers’Guild, the Association of Lawyers, the Hongkong Exchanges, the Hongkong International Arbitration Centre, the Department of Legal Affairs, the Hongkong Court of Final Judgment, the Higher Court, the Wanzai Court of Arbitration, Office of Judgment of Small Sums, the Court of Jiulong jurisdiction, Department of Labour Disputes, the Anti-Corruption Office, the Monitoring Committee of Securities and Bonds, the Hongkong Legislation Committee, the Department of Legal Aids,etc..

In the future, the College will continue to bring into full play the spirit of regarding the students as the basic factor and the principle of integrating practice and theory , and supply more opportunities to the students to practice under the guidance of famous Chinese and foreign lawyers, so that more and more talents can be nurtured to meet the need of society.