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Post Date:2013/10/11

During 8 Oct - 12 Oct in 2012, the Cheung Kong Centre for Negotiation and Dispute Resolution (CKND) of Shantou University Law School and the Singapore Mediation Centre (SMC) jointly held a training course on conflict management and dispute resolution. There were 24 trainees who attend the 5 days’ training, directed by Mr. Ge Huangbin and Mr. Wang Wangrong, two Mediators from the SMC.
This course is a basic mediator training programme, aiming at improving trainees' skills in resolving disputes. The contents of the course included the systemic study of mediation and dispute resolution based on interest analysis, models of mediation, skills and methods of communication, emotion management and so on. Moreover, various teaching methods -- such as case studies and role plays for mediation and group work -- were used in the workshop in order to enhance participation and learning. In feedback session, trainees said that the unusual teaching methods using group work and role play games surprised them and greatly increased their interest in learning.
At the end of the course, all students were assessed by the SMC. Trainees passing the examination are awarded a Certificate of Assistant Mediator, and become an Associate Member of the SMC.
It was the second time that Shantou University Law School and SMC jointly held this workshop.
Trainees came from different parts of China, including the MWE China Law Office, Shanghai Huaxia Huihong Law Office, Jun He Law Office, United Law Firm, the All Bright Law Office, the People’s Court of Shandong Weihai Economic Zone and the People’s Intermediate Court of Putian, Fujian. Ms. Zhang Wei of the Shanghai Commercial Mediation Center and teachers from the Shantou University Law School also took part in the course.
Shantou University Law School is encouraging the development of ADR, including its skills and its research. The CKND regards the mediation training course as a chance to combine the professional skills training and the development of academic research.